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Our Story

Once upon a time, two lads with a shared love of good cheer, fine drinks, tasty food, and Irish music met up and formed a partnership to open a new Irish Pub in the lovely city of Freiburg, Germany. Thusly, on St. Patrick's Day in 2017, Seán Rooney & Jacob Wiest created McNamara's Irish Pub...

Seán Rooney

Seán Rooney hails from Achill Island in County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland. A culinary artist, Irish culture expert, whisky pro, and cicerone of sorts, Rooney's focus on providing Freiburgers a high-quality Irish experience is embodied at McNamara's. Rooney has worked extensively in restaurants, pubs, and hotels, and also the the National Food Board of Ireland.

Our Pub is named for Rooney's mother, Mary Catherine McNamara. McNamara skilfully cooked various types of Irish food for her children. Along with Seán, his sisters Maeve & Áine Rooney also gained a talent for great Irish cooking and have lent a hand in the kitchen team of Freiburg's newest Irish Pub.

Seán's father, John Dwyer Rooney, is a musician/singer who became famous performing Irish ballads under the moniker "The Liffey Man," named for the river that runs through Dublin City. John Rooney is also an actor, sports coach/referee, and computer instructor. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree: Seán also developed skills with machinery, an interest in football, rugby and other sports, and somewhat of a theatrical personality (even for an Irishman).

Seán Rooney is pleased to share his passion, his culture, and his love of pub life with Freiburg.

Jacob Wiest is from the USA and has both Irish and German heritage. He fell in love with Irish pub culture during a semester abroad at Trinity College Dublin, where he explored pubs frequented by some of his favourite literary figures such as W.B. Yeats, J.M. Synge, Oscar Wilde, and James Joyce. He also established a lifelong love of Irish history and Celtic mythology. As a musician/actor in Portland, Oregon, Jacob formed Garden Goat, a rock n' roll band that combined elements of Irish folk music and science fiction/fantasy themes, becoming the world's first "Sci-Firish" rock act.

On the Irish side, Jacob's grandfather George Fitzroy emigrated to the US from the Emerald Isle in 1922 from Wicklow, where he was an avid gardener and craftsman. Jacob remembers well his Irish humour and has adopted his habit of "speaking to the fairies."

Traceable back to Austria in the 1300s, the German side of Jacob's family were once scribes for the Holy Roman Empire. One ancestor attended the University of Freiburg in 1487. The Wiests emigrated to the US from Rhineland-Pflaz in the 1750s. A distant branch still lives there today as winemakers in the village of Dierbach.

Jacob is very happy keep his promise to the fairies to share the love of Irish culture with others, and finds no more appropriate place to do so than in the Black Forest region.

Jacob Wiest

Seán Rooney

Inhaber / Co-founder

The Rooney family are delighted to share with you the passion, joy, craft, and humour of Irish culture in this International city that they have come to love.

Come join us!

Jacob Wiest

Co-founder & Entertainer

How to find us

McNamara's is really easy to find. From the city centre, take the number 2 tram towards "Hornusstraße". We are situated in Stühlinger, around 20 metres from the number 2 tram stop "Rennweg", on the corner of Rennweg and Waldkircher Strasse. We are also within short walking distance of the "Freiburg-Herden" train station, as well as the number 4 tram stop "Hauptstraße"

Our Address: Waldkircher Strasse 1, 79106 Freiburg, Germany

Tel: +49(0)761 55758055

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